Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Aspiring 1/1000 000 the Support of Kony2012

Here is to people who think valid birth certificates are imperative, who think belonging to the only true church upon the face of the earth is the thing to do, who think families are together forever but who under certain conditions make exception to the rule:

Reasons Support is Needed:

To compel Utah Mormon/LDS officials who are in public office to face justice. Damage of immigration and student files for a foreign, black,"petite", unmarried woman is not "an isolated" case.

To compel the release of a valid diploma from Weber State University. Mormon/LDS  Deseret News Paper wrote recently that "Americans value the integrity of an individual". Hold them up to this standard or demand that they explain why this standard is not applied liberally.

To compel Weber State University International Student's officials to provide valid paperwork and diploma required for a valid work permissions in my area of study. It may be legal to accept invalid credentials at WSU but WSU officials cannot expect this standard to work in the entire US or even the entire world, let alone the fact that I as an individual will continue to stand in support of valid academic credentials and  of highest standards of academic integrity.

Let them know that it is cruel punishment to keep a foreigner in limbo for crimes commited by those listed in Bishop Reeses letter. Right now I am in limbo status and have been since the time the university damaged my files because the university never provided valid information required for restoration of my files at DHS/USCIS/ICE. "Passing the buck" will not resolve this issue.

Please tell Weber State University officials that their delaying tactics and legal maneouvres they used so that my case would not be heard in court will not absolve them from the moral and legal responsibility to do the right thing.

My appeal will NOT be Silenced in Utah. All I am asking for is the smallest fraction of Kony2012 effort by US citizens and non-citizens and by non-citizens to put pressure on Utah government to read from the US Constitution.Tell Utah government official that crimes of conscience do not stop at contraception, they involve shoving manufactured documents in foreign student's files and expect them to obey.

 Thank you for your support and for reading and taking appropriate action.