Saturday, May 19, 2012

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Official Day of George Clooney for Africa

Thank you, George Clooney for being able to put yourself in the shoes of someone in Africa.

An arrest is embarrassing, but you chose to be embarrassed to set others free. Thank you.

A woman died in rape protest in Africa.  You are standing for her, with her, as well as with those in her similar situation.I hope that more people like you will step up against injustice against those who are defenseless.

This is a big mark in VAWA calendar where all activity to curb violence against women matters.

This is a big day for human rights activists the world over, and for those who love peace and justice and demand it any cost.

Thank you!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Aspiring 1/1000 000 the Support of Kony2012

Here is to people who think valid birth certificates are imperative, who think belonging to the only true church upon the face of the earth is the thing to do, who think families are together forever but who under certain conditions make exception to the rule:

Reasons Support is Needed:

To compel Utah Mormon/LDS officials who are in public office to face justice. Damage of immigration and student files for a foreign, black,"petite", unmarried woman is not "an isolated" case.

To compel the release of a valid diploma from Weber State University. Mormon/LDS  Deseret News Paper wrote recently that "Americans value the integrity of an individual". Hold them up to this standard or demand that they explain why this standard is not applied liberally.

To compel Weber State University International Student's officials to provide valid paperwork and diploma required for a valid work permissions in my area of study. It may be legal to accept invalid credentials at WSU but WSU officials cannot expect this standard to work in the entire US or even the entire world, let alone the fact that I as an individual will continue to stand in support of valid academic credentials and  of highest standards of academic integrity.

Let them know that it is cruel punishment to keep a foreigner in limbo for crimes commited by those listed in Bishop Reeses letter. Right now I am in limbo status and have been since the time the university damaged my files because the university never provided valid information required for restoration of my files at DHS/USCIS/ICE. "Passing the buck" will not resolve this issue.

Please tell Weber State University officials that their delaying tactics and legal maneouvres they used so that my case would not be heard in court will not absolve them from the moral and legal responsibility to do the right thing.

My appeal will NOT be Silenced in Utah. All I am asking for is the smallest fraction of Kony2012 effort by US citizens and non-citizens and by non-citizens to put pressure on Utah government to read from the US Constitution.Tell Utah government official that crimes of conscience do not stop at contraception, they involve shoving manufactured documents in foreign student's files and expect them to obey.

 Thank you for your support and for reading and taking appropriate action.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How Did Boers Silence Activists During Apartheid?

A One Second Slide Show of Silencing Apartheid Activists in South Africa

1. Name Calling
It was common for Boers to call black people Kaffirs just to have a good laugh, and to draw a line between "Us  and Them". They knew that this made the other upset but with nothing to do but to deal with it.  For those crossing the border between Lesotho and Ladybrand and got called a Kaffir and that was it, they were lucky and blessed. Yet each  time they were called this name it was always tense. The entire road from the passport windows to the taxi station was covered in eggshells. Making it to the taxi door entrance was always accompanied with a deep sigh and a giggle from passengers already sitting in the taxi. The giggle was understood as a sign of welcome for escaping possible danger from Boers. I am not sure why my family and others went to Ladybrand to endure this heart racing, but we did.

2. Hold up Without Reason
This was not really an arrest in the formal sense of placing wrists in silver bracelets.In this Boers would get hold of a passport, ask the owner to come around and enter the office and have him or her sit on a wooden bench while  they worked or communicated in Afrikaans. Then they could ask him or her to sing or  something like, "Why is the Pope coming to Lesotho?". They would take turns taunting their detainee to let him or her go when they were satisfied.

3. Cruelty and Other Harmful Psychological Games
One of the oldest tools of the oppressors is psychological torture. Boers used it  during Apartheid. Mind games, runaround, delaying tactics, stonewalling, etc were some of the cruel ways Boers dealt blacks during apartheid.

4. Arrest With Dogs
If Boers got a word out that there was a protest, they would come in to lash blacks for protesting and even arrest them, throw them at the back of the bakkies to let arrestees wrestle with wild dogs. Why? For protesting. This was still nothing because they could start shooting protesters on the spur of the moment. If you have read or seen Cry the Beloved Country, you know the story.

5. Minimisation of Injustice
"It happens everywhere." " Boers did it to blacks. Blacks are doing it to blacks in South Africa now as we speak". "They did not start injustice against the minorities!" Is that really permission and justification for the injustice...that injustice is happening elsewhere? Let us do injustice here because we are not the only ones doing it? Come on....
Boers thought that blacks did something to deserve the treatment they gave them. Ultimately it was the entire world that roared against them.

6. Framing
Framing was the worst hate crime performed in South African Apartheid. Innocent people were accused of committing murder just to remove them from protest fora. The result was that the accused was kept in prison while facing a life time of struggle to defend himself. It was typically black  men boers were afraid of and kept out of society for as long as they could. I knew protesters in Soweto who faced ghost charges from which they could never free themselves. These claimed the better portions of their lives and took away peace and unity from families. By doing this boers thought they could dismantle protest units. But it did not work because the world knows about South African Apartheid and how it served to berate dark people.

The story about silencing those who demand justice was not only a South African thing. Even 22 hour flight away from Apartheid, the symptoms are familiar.

In America, actually I should say, in Utah where I witnessed the things I write about, silencing activism is done in several ways as well as in other methods that include a combination of some of the above.

Let's take a break and see a clip from "Cry The Beloved Country", by Isaac172 on Youtube

:Silencing Activists in Apartheid South Africa: Warning-Violent Video

Monday, February 20, 2012

Background to Silenced Appeal: Utah Boers and Blacks

During the Apartheid South Africa, Boers told you face to face: " Don't go in through this door. It is for whites only. Take that door for blacks and dogs!" And you understood.

But in Utah, I was arrested, but was not told for what crime. Those who arrested me told me that since I was not in school, I had to go back to Africa.,  but they knew that there were pending questions in Utah courts to demand that Weber State University officials where I attended college respond. They knew tht Weber State Universities response to these questions were core to the unresolved designation of my student in the US. They knew that being a student was not complete until I had obtained credentials to that effect but they chose to arrest me nonetheless. This was wrong and unjust.

They knew that I was then as I am now still waiting for Weber State to release my diploma.  In addition for students who are done with school in the US, there is an option to work for one year in the area of study and then go to their home countries or wherever they choose. In my case, I was told I lost status to be in the US at least a year before graduation for my Masters Degree for a loss that allegedly happened somewhere in my undergrad. To date, I still  do not know the reason for the loss of status but those who knew where it went blamed university computers for the damage or non-existence of my valid status I had when I landed on WSU grounds.

Because of their alleged  loss of my immigration status, I lost financial support that was only available when and if I was in good standing. I lost credibility of friends who thought "I was hiding something" and who did not believe that there is  a computer could cause someone irreversible damage, that could get dates and names and several data wrong damaged for good.  In the meantime, my family and I went for days without food so that I could pay fees to represent myself in court, to defend errors, but not my errors. In the courts, officials used technical maneuvres to dodge questions and silenced my rights.
 I suffered intense grief and was devastated in a foreign country. At this time the members of the university staff were playing time killing games so that I would run out of time for courts.  Why would these professionals, religious leaders, academicians and scholars hold on to acts of cruelty which they knew were apt to destroy a life and a family?

The majority of those who worked on this case at the university where I attended were LDS/Mormon with whom we shared sacrament right across the university. In the community, it was still Mormons that in vanity I was  appealing  for  resolution of their wrongdoings , expecting them to impose justice on one of them or on themselves. But one judge called Nixon had a clever solution.

Utah Immigration Judge William Nixon ordered that I return back to the country where I fled death threats. Not only did Judge Nixon ignore glaring and severe falsehoods in charging documents, his court refused to look at all of the information I wanted to share and created a barrier for me to present a record on sexual assault by a man who owns/owned a burger business on about 6500 S and State Street in Salt Lake City Utah. There is a document written by Bishop Reese acknowledging that mishandling of my immigration files (which were student files at the university) had brought me intense grief. There is a document in this case recording that I am a man instead of a woman, yet I have not filed any sex-organ change with this or any other court. Yet in the United States individuals do not just suddenly prefer you male and start addressing you as such: I am a  female, woman.

I am a woman. I am a divorced mother.  I am a human rights activist. , and have been since Apartheid in South Africa. Even in that troubled part of the world, I had never been arrested . It had to be here in Utah where sanctity and belief in God is how the outside world is to Understand Utah, and with understand in capital, U.

I know you want to know if Judge Nixon is a woman.  Judge William Nixon is a man in the late sixties or early seventies.  He is Mormon/LDS and he is white man.

The history of blacks, women,  Mormons, and justice makes it easy for you to understand why Judge William Nixon was "justified" in not standing with justice in a case like this. In the Mormon theology blacks inherited a curse of God that no sound man or woman can expect a mortal judge to undo. They say church and state are separate, yet the same people have not, disavowed the racist tendencies in the religion because they cannot unsay God's words.

Media has been pepper sprayed with comments that those speaking against Mormon racism are "bigoted", or "anti-Mormon" in an attempt to create a tool for fear in those who speak out.

 The modus operandi does not stop anyone from telling the truth. What it may to is to create a longing for a safety haven from which racist Mormon stories can be told.

You will see in some of the court records that have padlocks on them that in my particular case is one of the filthiest acts of injustice in Utah. A simple case that could have been resolved by a ten year old was paced with lies, one after the other because one thing that matters in the religion is how things look...if you have read one good book Victorian you get the sense.

In that manner, to compel a black person, a woman who is single and with limited resources, to compel her to give up her conscience and dignity and pretend that errorneous documents are correct when she knows they are not correct and when she knows it was against her values as a person is wrong. To compel her to cross the borders of the United States with erroneous "qualifications" is wrong. To compel her to spend  her life defending someone else's lie is wrong.

If you have a moment, ask The Deseret News in Utah why it is that they are the only major paper that did not cover the story I have told you about in this blog....

With a tear drop on my foolscap paper, and feather and ink, I wrote Silenced Appeal and a record of evil dispensed by religious leaders and wished everyday that I could uncome to Utah and unbring my children to another Gehenna, and unbring my only late sister's adoptive son to the care of a mother who herself could not escape Utah Apartheid necklacing fire.

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